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Native Skill Development and Training Council is an autonomous body. The role of education in facilitating social
and economic progress has long been recognized.

board of management

The management board of the NSDTC is the principal executive body of the institution. The board’s main responsibilities include establishing and supporting the institutions vision and mission, acting as the legal owners of the institution, ensuring the institution is sustainable, evaluating performance and reviewing and creating policies. The management board has to promote skill based programs in the field of vocational training and yoga training.

Advisory BOARD

The advisory board consist of renowned academicians and field functionaries in skill development training in India and abroad to give their expert advice on academic policies and programs of the NSDTC. The board responsible to give technical advice related to skill development training

Academic BOARD

Academic board exercises general supervision over the academic work of the institution, methods of evaluation, research and improvement in technical standards. It prepares frame work and curriculum for various programmes. It determines training standard of the institution with national and international standards.

executive BOARD

Executive board is the institution monitor and control the executive functions. It assists the management in the discharge of many of its functions of technical and Administrative nature to strengthen the institution in all respects.

examination BOARD

Examination board is for to conduct of examination in various centers of NSDTC. The board is responsible for all the processes related to Examination like assessment, paper evaluation and viva-voce etc... It functions under control of the management board. It takes all measures to maintain reliability, validity and credibility of the examinations conducted by the institution.


NSDTC operates through a network of all over India having the centre program office in New Delhi. This organization aims to provide trainings and technical support to the skill development training program for social and economic development of the nation.
The main functions of NSDTC are:

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